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Our services:

  • Surveillance 
  • Counter surveillance
  • Back ground checks
  • Missing persons
  • Video/Audio editing
  • UAV (drone) 
  • Child custody investigations
  • Witness interviews
  • Accident investigations
  • Domestic investigations
  • Theft investigations
  • Workers comp investigations
  • Insurance fraud investigations
  • Infidelity investigations
  • Asset verification
  • Process service
  • Computer and cell phone forensics
  • GPS tracking
  • Pricing


Pricing will be determined by the scope of the work to be done on your unique situation. We will sit down with you on a FREE CONSULTATION to explore your situation and your desired end result. We will lay out a plan to help you accomplish your goals, and a price will be determined once we have a full understanding of the project. We offer a wide variety of services to Companies, The Legal Profession, Fellow Investigators, and The General Public. If you require an investigative service that you don’t see listed, give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your needs. If we don’t provide that particular service, we can usually direct you to someone who does

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